Event Dates

= Denotes U.S. Finals Qualifier/Gold Bid
= Denotes U.S. Finals Platinum Bid
= Denotes Dance Certified
To help facilitate travel and arrangements while keeping costs to your families at a minimum, at all two day JAM Brands events, All Star Prep teams (both cheer & dance) will compete on day one of the event. Likewise, the awards ceremonies for All Star Prep teams will be held on day one of the event. Per USASF guidelines, All Star Prep teams are only permitted to perform once during a two day event, therefore, additional exhibition performances will not be allowed. If you have any questions on scheduling, please contact the specific event planner for your two day JAM Brands event.
Very Scary Challenge
Sandusky, OH • 11/8/2014
Ohio River Challenge
Cincinnati, OH • 11/9/2014
Santa's Challenge
Birch Run, MI • 12/13/2014
Battle at the Lake National Championship
Akron, OH • 1/24/2015
Whirlwind Challenge
Independence, MO • 1/25/2015
The Showdown Grand Nationals
Chicago, IL • 2/6-8/2015
Rolling Prairie Challenge
Des Moines, IA • 2/14/2015
Speedway Challenge
Ft. Wayne, IN • 2/14/2015
Ragin Rock Challenge
Little Rock, AR • 2/28/2015
Rockin' Hall of Fame National Championship
Sandusky, OH • 3/7/2015
Allegheny National Championship
California, PA • 3/14/2015
Up State Challenge
Rochester, NY • 4/18/15